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What does a Leblanc sound like? 250 years of evolution, craftsmanship and innovation.

Every note you play calls back to 1750, where a pioneering genius named Noblet crafted instruments for the court of Louis XV and put France at the heart of woodwind manufacturing. In 1904, the Noblet family business was sold to Georges Leblanc.

The Leblanc family were not only musicians and creatives, but scientists making waves in the development of acoustics. Georges’ son Leon was an award-winning clarinetist and knew first-hand the importance of consistency and engineering sophistication.

Hearing the call across the ocean, in 1921 Leblanc took their instruments to New York’s blossoming music scene and eventually joined forces with Vito Pascucci – legendary repairman for the Glenn Miller band.

In 1933 Leblanc patented the technology behind a new smooth sound for the clarinet. It paved the way for the world’s greatest musicians to fill concert halls and stage of the 40s, 50s and 60s with Leblanc’s unparalleled tonality and richness.

When Leblanc was acquired by Conn Selmer in 2004, a modern era of manufacturing began. Innovation blended with the timeless values of science and sound established centuries before. Leblanc released the Bliss line of clarinets in partnership with soloist Julian Bliss.

250 years in the making. History. Heritage. Distinction that has no equal. A Leblanc instrument is truly in a class of its own. From students discovering their love of music to professionals serenading thousands, Leblanc’s range takes quality, craftsmanship and seemingly effortless sound to a whole new level of excellence.